NorCal RSX Annual Summer Meet 2012

Snaps By: Kevin Chow



I hate this hot weather. I’m a winter baybee..

Vent vent vent

I hate it when people ask me what happened between me and her. We were never official. When I’m with my crew and I’m having a great time, you randomly come across my mind. Why is it that I finally get you off my mind, but you come back into my head when I’m having fun? My mood changes and everything seems lost. I can’t believe I lost you. I feel like this is all just a big nightmare. I still remember when we left the school during class to get you something good to eat. We were bad together but it was fun. That rainy day when you came over and knocked out on my bed. You almost got caught by your parents. When we skipped class to be with eachother longer. When we wrestled together. When I picked you up and held you over the trash can. When you were surprised I kept the valentines note you wrote me. When we made plans as if we had alot of money. Stared at the moon. Late night drives. Tying you up with a tug-o-war rope. Looking forward to your beautiful face and hugging you tightly. Picking you up when you’d least expect it. Holding hands when my friends are around. Watching you sleep with a smile on your face. Buying you cheap food but you’d love me for it. Fixing your hair for you. Taking care of you when you weren’t feeling your best. Texting eachother every night. Calling each other babe.. But the bad part about us.. Was that we couldn’t be together. She has an arranged marriage. Some fairy tale huh? When you finally found the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with…she ends up having to leave you. It really hurts. I know she was the one for me. But I wasn’t the one for her. It’s hard for her too. I don’t blame her. She has a very hard and difficult life that even i couldnt understand. It was for the better to stop everything. I miss caring for someone. Caring for her. I love her. But that wasnt enough to change her parents mind. I respect everyone with their troubles and plans. I had to let this go. It was getting us nowhere. No matter what, I will never forget. Even if i find someone else out there, they will never be like you. And you will always be apart of me. Always. These dates… I will never forget. September 23 2010 - June 25 2012